adult upgrade


So lately I’ve been thinking “man, my place needs an adult upgrade” and as such, have changed my ‘obsessed with shoes’ fund to a ‘home decorating’ fund.

First up – rugs.  Having a loft with exposed brick and hardwood laminate flooring, plus a dog (whom I love, but who sheds like a mo-fo) is basically like putting a down payment on a commune for dust bunnies.  You could Swiffer in the morning and those bastards would have multiplied ten times over by dinner.  You know what dust bunnies fear more than anything? Rugs. 

So being the intelligent young woman that I am I decided to invest in a couple of area rugs to cut down on my time dusting and everyone likes a little “extra padding” – right?  Slapping down my credit card with the finesse of the Slapchop meets Nigella Lawson’s husband I walked outta West Elm with the Big Sky Wool Rug and boy, was it a game changer. Feast your eyes…

big sky West Elm

West Elm’s big sky rug, currently on sale for under $500 CAD. This is way less than what I purchased it for …wait! What?

Bam. Dust bunnies gone, new reason for Louie to sleep on the floor instead of on the couch which might need an upgrade sooner rather than when we move, right?  WRONG!  Never did I think that my new wool rug would soon become the bane of my existence.  Seriously, I don’t know that Louie has ever had anything shed on him, and he’s not impressed.

The second rug, which is located in the bedroom under the beauty cowhide that I still own, but is in dire need of a good washing, is a plain jute non-shedding wool rug in a soft taupe-ivory colour. This rug, I love.


Now, for those of you who haven’t been to my place, my “entry way” – I say that in quotes because you I don’t have enough total space to actually be sectioning my home out into areas just yet – has gone through many different phases.

Phase one, the disgusting light wood built-in desk that came with the place that also was coincidentally ripped out before I moved in.

Phase two, the new entry table made up of Restoration Hardware “Aris” corbels under a cut piece of glass with an affordable and storage increasing – Ikea trunk.


Phase three, get rid of the dorm room style bright yellow cork board and mature this bitch.

And what would my latest little project be without its ups and manic depressive downs. Let me elaborate.

Phase three started with looking for the appropriate picture ledge.  To be clear, a “picture ledge” is a lot like a shelf, but thinner so as to not take up as much spacial depth.  Since I had so much luck with my corbels above, I thought “hey Restoration Hardware, let’s be friends!” ordering the Reclaimed Wood Wall ledges.  But I guess RH already has enough friends because friends don’t rape your bank accounts or make you feel like an idiot for trusting you.

Giving someone a finely sanded 2×6 from Home Depot and calling it “reclaimed wood” is also not a good way to make friends. Charging that person $149 per 36″ piece? The only thing that’ll get you is a one-way ticket to the town of Rage Blackout, population, you.

Needless to say, after installing these, crying after spending more on a couple of ledges than I did for a 9×9′ area rug and a few sleepless nights on my mom’s behalf we stormed into the nearest store, ledges in hand and demanded a refund. Being the conglomerate they are, Restoration Hardware happily gave us our money back and we left still riled up & looking for a fight.


image (1)

The new ledges which are actually wood that came from the side of a barn aged 100 years or older cost me a hug from my mom and a few swipes of stain.

The moral of this story? Don’t waste your heard earned money on home furnishings, spend it on shoes.

boys weekend


Congratulations to my cousin Matt, who married his beautiful bride Laura at Ravine Vineyard this weekend.









And a big congratulations to my brother Michael for graduating from HULT International Business School in London, and to my dad for looking good in a photo for the first time in his life.

Natalie O'Donnell

Natalie O’Donnell

snow day



I feel that the photo really says it all, but it’s not every weekend that I get to take a snowy stroll with two of my bests and some of our beasts.  Enjoying the moment makes it tough to capture all the fun that was had, as you all know words cannot describe trying to tell a story but being unable to because you’re snorting with laughter at your friend who has fallen into a Sasquatch-sized snow print. Enjoy.










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