To me, there is nothing better than neon colours, tribal print and tanned skin.  So obviously I am having a panic attack as there is ONLY ONE MORE OFFICIAL SUMMER WEEKEND.  I think that this is because I’ve had a wonderful summer – full of gypsy cottage trips, scavenger hunts, SCUBA diving, and probably one of the best tans I’ve ever had, also I made these.

Being a “hot trend” this summer – check it out here, and here – I was happy to oblige.

What you’ll need:


– pair of denim cut off shorts, the darker they are the more contrast you’ll have.  I’d like to make these again but with coloured denim.

– pair of SHARP scissors

– ruler

– pencil

– bottle o’ bleach (which can be found at your local Wal Mart for $1, you’re welcome)

– permanent marker, clothing paint or the best of both worlds this clothing paint marker

1. Wash your denim.  If you’ve cut off some of your shorts, or actually made legitimate “cut offs” this will help with the fraying aspect of them, AND ensure that you won’t end up with any brown bleach stains.

2. Pour a 1:1 bleach: water mix into a bucket and dip the bottom of your shorts in.  Because denim is a fabric, the bleach water will soak up, so make sure that you only wet the areas that you want bleached.

3. Once you’ve got the fade gradient that you like (I was using light coloured denim and this took hours), remove said shorts from bleach mixture, making sure to keep the drippings away from animals, babies, or generally anything you don’t want to have the same effect.  Rinse them thoroughly.


4. Using your scissors, make small cuts at the bottom to enhance the fringe and to make rips in the shorts.  To make a frayed rip that’s not on the bottom of your shorts, pinch a half inch section between your fingers and carefully snip into the fabric.  Do the same thing above and below until you get the desired size of the fray-hole.  Put scissors down (yes, I’ve tried to do this while holding them…) and GENTLY pull at the snips you’ve made.  The fabric should separate nicely, leaving the horizontal threads in tact.  From the photo below you’ll see that I did this AFTER I washed my shorts.  To each his own.

5. Run through wash again, and hang dry.

6. Once dry, pencil on your design.  This took me the better part of a day, and was intensely frustrating.  Those with limited patience should consider a less hefty design.  Go over it with your fabric paint marker & let dry.

7. Wear with pride and your favourite neon tank top & tan.


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