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Who knew that Jessica Biel would go from “the girl I’d most like to hit the gym with” to “the girl who’s hair I want”?  Certainly not this girl.

My love affair with Jessica Biel has never really existed.  For some reason her face alway seemed to hit me like a unexpecting wave of stink from a subway grate, and as such I never really paid much attention to what she was wearing, let alone her tresses.
These days its all I can do to not hunt this brunette temptress down, hang her upside down and shake the style secrets out of her.  So being the proactive stylista that I am, I promptly made an appointment with my dream team hair stylists and started talking ombre hair.  Being the snobby bitch that I can sometimes be, this turned into a conversation about how I was doing this YEARS before Biel and her minions of bandwagon hopping great hair wanna be’s.

**Sidenote: I really did have peek-a-boo highlights (read: ombre hair) years ago, and have just recently been re-inspired to stray from my traditional F5 brunette.  My proof?  My original style icon SJP has had the same sort of look to her hair for YEARS.  

I don’t think that my hair looks exactly like this, nor does it look terrible which I realized from the ten minute tutorial I gave on the subway to some interested ladies, but I’m definitely going to make some changes as I am due for another jaunt to the hair dressers.  The way I see it, there are two ways to do this look properly:
Option A – if you’re hair is already a lighter shade get your stylist to darken your roots with a darker colour (possibly your natural colour).  Leave it on for the duration of your colour time, then when you have 10 minutes left start working the darker colour down to the ends of your hair, by diluting the colour with water.  This will achieve the blended look that you need to achieve this look

Option B – if you’re hair is darker in shade, get your stylist to concoct a lighter shade that you feel comfortable with (I wouldn’t suggest just bleaching your ends, it will not only kill your hair, but you’ll end up looking like the original J WOWW) and apply to the ends of your hair.  I would suggest pulling up a section of your hair from between your temples so that the highlights come from underneath.  Again when you have 10 minutes left put your darker colour all over or use a toner so that you achieve a blended line.

For those of you who aren’t wimps when it comes to doing your own colour, here’s one really great article on how to do ombre hair on your own, and here’s another.


**UPDATE: I just got this done, only about a year after I started talking about doing it, and the lovely KELLY @ Vescada Salon helped me out.  Looks totally rad.

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